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Financial Management

WISDOM – Know your numbers and what they mean.

We Thrive at Noticing Details, Researching Options, and Thinking Things Through.

Your association or organization’s strategy could quickly “run out of gas” if there is a lack of financial management expertise to map out the fuel stations, calculate how often to fill up the tank, and know what it’s going to cost.

When you want to get better at knowing your numbers and what they can do for you, OTUS Group works with leadership teams across Canada to sharpen financial management wisdom.

Our most sought-after financial management services:

Virtual CFO (VCFO) – Our Signature Service
General Accounting
Financial Management Transformation
Canadian Thoracic Society
Janet Sutherland, Executive Director

“Working with the OTUS Group team has allowed me to spend less time thinking about our finances, and more time focused on activities that drive value for our members.”

Virtual Chief Financial Officer – Our Signature Service

How many times have you wished you had regular input from a C-level financial management expert but thought it was off limits due to cost?

A Virtual Chief Financial Officer (VCFO) might be the service you never realized was accessible or affordable to you!

Our team of VCFOs see more than just numbers.  We become a part of your management team. With our extensive executive-level experience, we will help you understand the impact and opportunities relevant to your financial information.

Key reasons you should engage a VCFO in contrast to a full-time CFO include:

  • A full-time CFO may not be necessary to address your requirements.
  • The time required to engage a VCFO is far shorter than the time required to make a full-time hire.
  • You can get the expertise you need at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.
  • There are no termination costs to be concerned about with a VCFO.
Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division
Jonny Morris, Chief Executive Officer

“We have no hesitation recommending OTUS Group to other organizations similar to ours.”

General Accounting Services

Weak financial management can sink an otherwise successful organization.

Say goodbye to stress and hello to confidence.

Our team of general accountants empowers organizations with clarity into their financials and identifies opportunities for transformative change, freeing up time for you to focus on generating value for your members.

Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport
Doug MacQuarrie, COO

“The wealth of expertise and experience marshalled by OTUS Group is significant and particularly beneficial to the not-for-profit and charitable sectors.”

Financial Management Transformation

Organizations continue to evolve their financial management activities to adapt to change which continues at a rapid pace.

Our business and financial management consulting experts can help you by:

  • Assessing and understanding your business requirements
  • Identifying appropriate technical solutions that align with your business requirements, including for example, electronic funds transfer and electronic invoice processing
  • Providing project management advisory services
Canadian Owners and Pilots Association
Bernard Gervais, Former President & CEO

“Working with OTUS Group has been above my expectations.”

Ready to gain greater financial wisdom?

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