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Government of Nunavut – Department of Finance, Office of the Comptroller General


The Department of Finance is the primary advisor to the Government of Nunavut (GN) on all financial and budgetary matters.

The Office of the Comptroller General was mandated to undertake an assessment of financial management in the Territorial Government to determine the extent to which financial management across its government aligns with the Office of the Auditor General’s (OAG) Financial Capability Maturity Model (FMCM).

OTUS Group Deliverables

  • Adapt and operationalize the OAG’s FMCM to suit the requirements of the assessment

Follow-Through and Results

  • Consulted with GN executives and senior level financial managers
  • Led a financial management self-assessment workshop and conducted a survey of financial management staff across the GN
  • Integrated the results of our interviews, the self-assessment workshop and survey to benchmark the GN’s financial management against the OAG’s FMCM
  • The benchmarking exercise was detailed in a comprehensive report
  • We also provided numerous recommendations to facilitate and support the GN’s continuing efforts to achieve sustainable improvement in the level and quality of its financial management capacity

Client Feedback

References available upon request.

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