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Cherry Chan


At the age of 17, Cherry Chan embarked on her Canadian journey, subsequently carving a remarkable niche in the financial sector. A proud graduate of the University of Waterloo, Cherry distinguished herself by placing in the top 10 in Ontario and among the top 60 in Canada on the Uniform Final Exam – a pivotal step toward her Chartered Accountant designation. This achievement was a precursor to her being celebrated as one of 2018’s “Top 50 Women in Accounting.”

Cherry’s leadership roles ranged from managing a robust team as an Operating Manager and Controller to spearheading financial reporting for a major Canadian grocery retailer. Yet, it was her entrepreneurial zeal that birthed Real Estate Tax Tips, a platform championing financial literacy and strategic investing. Through blogs, books, and speaking engagements, Cherry’s insights in areas like financial management, budgeting, and taxation have reached and resonated with countless individuals.

In 2023, a collaborative endeavor saw Cherry and the adept team from Real Estate Tax Tips aligning with OTUS Group. Maintaining the momentum at Real Estate Tax Tips, this partnership with OTUS Group allows Cherry to draw from her team’s extensive prowess, ensuring symbiotic growth for both businesses. As the CEO and President of OTUS Group, Cherry’s diverse professional tapestry and hands-on experience of helming a successful enterprise shine prominently.

With her husband, Cherry co-established the Hamilton Basket Brigade, with their combined business endeavors generously contributing over $100K to this charitable cause. As the Finance Chair on the board of the Entrepreneur Organization Toronto Chapter, she actively influences its financial strategies. 

As Cherry steers her professional journey ahead, acquiring the CNAP and CAE designations, she cherishes the moments of joy and memory-making with her two young children.

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