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About OTUS Group

Hindsight analysis. Foresight strategies.

We Deliver a Better Kind of Consulting Experience.

Understanding risks and managing finances require experience, know-how and in-depth focus. They can also weigh you down and slow you down, especially if you are not sure how (and where) to take the next steps.

At OTUS Group, we love numbers. We are listeners, thinkers and analysts. We thrive in the details.

Since 2005, we have been delivering a better kind of consulting experience.

We Are an Extension of Your Team

Instead of telling organizations what needs to be done, OTUS Group partners with and empowers our clients by:

  • Understanding problems that need to be solved
  • Gaining clarity about what is desired
  • Expanding awareness of issues
  • Identifying obstacles and developing strategies to overcome them
  • Identifying opportunities and options
  • Sharing insights and recommendations
  • Focusing not only on sustainable goals, but also sustainable savings

Our clients see us as an integral part of their teams because we are helping them reach their objectives and doing so in measurable ways.

We Come to You

We are proud to have expanded our geographic reach over the years, with clients in various locations across Canada and in Europe. Whether you need us virtually or in person, OTUS Group is structured to be scalable and available when and where you need us.

We Admire and Support Leaders Worth Following

At OTUS Group, we believe that the world needs more leaders worth following. For that reason, we brought Leadercast, a live presentation from world leaders, to Ottawa for many years. All net proceeds were donated to local charities.

In 2019, we launched OAX – OTUS Association Exchange, which has become a nationally recognized survey of Canada’s associations. Through benchmarking, we gain valuable insights to strengthen operations and leadership of Canada’s associations from coast to coast to coast.

OTUS Group is about leaders empowering leaders.

OTUS Group Gives Back

Our dedication to corporate philanthropy is rooted in a thoughtful process and remains a priority in all that we do. We have aligned our philanthropy and volunteerism explicitly with our core values and business strengths.

Our desire is to make a meaningful impact, strengthen organizations and be a catalyst for social change. Recognizing that hardship is not always a choice, we have supported charitable endeavours including the Hamilton Basket Brigade.

During our last event… a small group of local Hamiltonians picked up a shipment of food and supplies in a cube truck from a local grocer. All the food was boxed and organized in a local church hall, then delivered door-to-door for those who need it most in our supportive community.

Together our community impact has:

  • 1,178 Families Fed
  • $93,675 Dollars Raised
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