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Management consulting services for associations and not-for-profits

Changing how you think about financial management, risk management and planning

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OTUS, n   \ ōtəs \

: bird, genus of owls

OTUS Group’s namesake, the owl (scientific name: OTUS), has been a universal symbol of wisdom, awareness, vision, and intelligence for thousands of years.

Hindsight Analysis. Foresight Strategies.

You can rely on our executive advisors to dive into the details, help you overcome obstacles and elevate your organization to new heights.

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Who Do We Help?

When Can We Help?

Do you want the support of a CFO without the cost and commitment of a full-time hire?

Puzzled by risk management? Where do you begin identifying risks that could impact your objectives?


Is your day-to-day accounting too challenging? When should you engage a general accountant?

Are you heading in the right direction? Need unbiased, executive-level evaluation and input?

Our Clients

Client Testimonials

“OTUS Group provides the advice and services they promise and as an extra, they are committed to the organization, acting as a valued partner and sounding board.”

“OTUS Group helped us identify approximately $27,000 per year in savings in credit card merchant fees.”

“Their strategic thinking, expertise, and enthusiasm for campaigning make them an absolute pleasure to work with and learn from.”

“Overall, the expertise that OTUS Group provided was instrumental in updating and streamlining our credit card procedures.”

“They converted CHHA to a paperless online accounting system, and provide meaningful financial information to our management team.”

“OTUS Group is always conscious of our costs and always able to provide expanded services as required.”

“OTUS Group provides dependable, objective management consulting, with a solid understanding of current trends and best practices.”

“OTUS Group oversaw the full implementation of a plan that I believe saved our organization.”

“Working with the OTUS Group team has allowed me to spend less time thinking about our finances, and more time focused on activities that drive value for our members.”

“You’ve made us better!”

“OTUS Group provided insights into all areas of our business. We now understand where we need to focus our attention.”

“I am extremely grateful for all they have done and applaud the “what is best for the customer” approach they always demonstrate.”

“We were pleased with the report and would engage OTUS Group again should the opportunity arise.”

“I am forever grateful for the top-notch service that OTUS Group offered CAOT.”

“Working with OTUS Group has been above my expectations.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend the OTUS team to organizations needing professional business advisory services.”

“We have been very pleased with OTUS Group’s assistance and expertise.”

“OTUS Group plays an instrumental role in keeping our company on track to achieve its ambitious growth targets and specific milestones.”

“OTUS Group’s insights, recommendations and support have helped us to modernize our operations, reduce costs and reduce risk.”

“I would highly recommend OTUS Group to any organization seeking financial, accounting or strategic planning support.”

“OTUS Group’s commitment to the project helped us achieve success.”

“OTUS Group’s business advisory services were insightful and delivered excellent value, and their recommendations have helped us out significantly.”

“OTUS Group provides trustworthy, expert advice. Contact them – we did.”

“OTUS Group came on board with a passion to help us advance our operations, increase efficiency, and ultimately save money and time.”

“OTUS Group responded quickly and effectively to all our needs providing practical solutions for our operations.”

“I would recommend OTUS Group to anyone seeking an outside perspective on their current business practices.”

“OTUS Group’s assessment offered an immense amount of value and advice on how to strengthen our organization.”

“I am grateful for the insights, advice and proactive approaches to address key issues during a time of transition.”

“This work was completed on time, on budget, and over a very short period, allowing CRKN to begin its new fiscal year in a very strong position.”

“OTUS Group helped Ottawa Food Bank ensure that our financial management systems were in good order and serving our needs.”

“The OTUS team has provided us with sound financial advice, and invaluable professional assistance.”

“There were so many things we needed to learn and the guidance we received was invaluable.”

“OTUS Group provided valuable insights into the core functions of our business.”

“We have no hesitation recommending OTUS Group to other organizations similar to ours.”

“OTUS has enabled our team to focus on realizing our vision rather than worrying about our day-to-day financial management.”

“The wealth of expertise and experience marshalled by OTUS Group is significant and particularly beneficial to the not-for-profit and charitable sectors.”

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